Voice Over and Dubbing

Peremeci Film provides voice over services with full professional agency registered voice artists for all your video and movie content. All the voices you want become the sound of your video / film content and products in your advertising, promotional and educational films with Peremeci Film. In addition, especially promotion films prepared by multinational companies abroad can be easily localized thanks to the voice over service.

We are Turkey / Istanbul based, film video production company.

Peremeci Film does not limit for your voice over needs. Peremeci Film offers a complete agency service for your voiceover needs to use Turkish, English, German, French, Russian, Arabic and any language you want in your own movies.

You can reach us at any time for your following Needs regardıng to VOICE OVER FOR VIDEOS / FILMS.
  • To fully revise your content originating from abroad in any language.

  • Revising your promotional film originating from abroad in Turkish and any other language / voice over for the promotional film.

  • Translating your local content into different languages in order to address different nations.

  • Gettig our voice over service as subtitle service.

  • Making multilingual (English, Russian, French, German etc.) voice over.

  • Voice over for educational film.

  • Translating audio and video information sources such as “How To”, “How to Use” into any language for your local consumers for your products and / or services.

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